Thursday, 7 February 2013


I have been away for a while. I would apologise but why should I, hmmm? It's not as if I haven't been out there fighting the good fight for the little man, the wretched and the coward.

No, I have been out there day in and day out being rude and unpleasant so you don't have to. Muttering behind old people in the supermarket and the like.

I had a bereavement and it seemed inappropriate to post my fury. But it's time. The world hasn't changed. It is still piss-poor. I aim to post more regularly but then I aimed to get Kate Winslett into bed with U2 hero Bonio simply because I think they sound like dog food.

What dreams we have, what hopes. Dashed with the crushing knowledge that reality is all around us. Poo is everywhere and the fan is permanently switched on full power in your direction. 

It's good to be back. Read on.

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